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Organic learning = Embodied learning

Picture a baby learning to coordinate how they move their eyes, roll to one side, sit up, stand or take their first steps. This is embodied or organic learning, which forms our habitual or automatic ways of doing things. Throughout our lives, we also learn habits that get in our way - holding the breath, straining muscles, overthinking.

I facilitate clients' re-engagement in organic learning, allowing them to find new ways of moving, thinking, sensing and feeling. It tends to bring your attention from the overworked thinking to the less utilised sensory-motor system, providing opportunities for profound discoveries that often seem obvious to the client once found.

My practice is based on the Feldenkrais Method, a pioneering form of neuroscience that takes its name from Moshe Feldenkrais. The engineer and Judo master spent much of the 20th century developing this method, in which he applied philosophy and scientific theory to the functioning of the human nervous system.

Ultimately, it's about being more yourself, and accessing more of your potential.


In a session:

  • you will be guided to slow down into a state where the parasympathetic system (slows the heart rate etc) can be activated and the sympathetic (fight or flight), de-escalated;

  • you will be fully clothed;

  • we will have a conversation that may involve verbal guidance, as well as touch and movement. Often we work with you lying on a therapy bed so your muscles can let go of excessive contraction during the learning;

  • we go with your individual movement patterns, not against, and stay within your range of movement, rather than pushing beyond;

  • we suspend expectations and remain open to discoveries.




Justine Reilly is a Feldenkrais Practitioner certified through the Australian Feldenkrais Guild. She has a private practice in Mitchelton, Brisbane, where she helps people move through places where they get stuck, whether physical, mental or emotional.

In 2012, following burnout from the corporate world, Justine knew the way to healing was through her body. She stumbled upon the Feldenkrais Method, and fascinated by this gentle practice that eased a busy mind and broken body, Justine signed up to the first year of a practitioner training with the Feldenkrais Institute of Australia. On completion of the 4-year training in 2016, she opened her practice. Justine has been a disability worker, swimming teacher, and high-level communicator, and brings all of this experience, along with a sense of empathy, equity, and a non-judgmental approach to her practice.

Justine enjoys meeting people 'where they are' and creating the ideal environment for learning and discovery. She also teaches series of group classes and workshops.



Justine works with chronic conditions such as PTSD, CPTSD, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, cerebral palsy, dystonia and Down Syndrome.


Justine aims to create a safe space for all. She has an extensive background in community disability support, and is sensitive to the needs of gender-diverse and culturally diverse people.

Benefits are felt by:

  • Computer desk workers

  • Dancers, singers, musicians

  • NDIS participants

  • Sports people

  • People with mental health challenges and mood disorders 

  • People experiencing back pain, hypermobility, frozen shoulder

  • People losing the ability to exercise as they age

  • Creatives.

Effects include:

Ease of breath, balance, grounding, finding 'dynamic stability' on your feet or sitting, and moving out of habits that perpetuate pain and tension. Getting grounded and getting back in your body.


By its non-invasive nature, the method complements other treatments and interventions.



Justine Reilly offers individual lessons at her home studio in Mitchelton. She also offers a mobile service, with a fee for travel time.

For bookings and to contact Justine:

Tel: 0410 759 984 

Email: justine.reilly@gmail.com

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